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Troubleshooting Car Problems Starting

Vincent CiullaA car troubleshooting guide is a list of nearly every conceivable symptom, or problem, a car owner might experience with her vehicle. Based on each symptom, a list of potential causes, what to check for, and possible remedies for each cause, are listed in order from most common, to least common. Then, a repair, or replacement of the part, is the next step.

Listed below are some of the most common car problems an owner encounters. Regardless of the car’s make or model, many car problems, and therefore, car troubleshooting steps, apply in a general sense.

When turning the ignition key, you expect the engine to come to life. The first time to attempt to crank the engine, and it does nothing, the instinct is to try and try again. If the engine does not rotate, here are some thing to check.
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