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Diagnose Car Noises

 What is a 'good car sound'? Can you tell when your car sounds unhealthy?

Car sounds good - music to the ears; car sounds bad - scraping, grinding, knocking, tapping or squealing are some of sounds you hear when something is wrong. This article aims to help you tune into the sounds your car makes when its healthy and running well and sounds you should not ignore when something is wrong. If there's a fault with your car the symptom is often an unusual noise; a noise you should not ignore.

Car Breakdown Insurance

No one in this world can think of a day without motor cars. We do not realize this until some damage is done to the car and we are unable to reach our destination and the whole day goes wasted. If this starts happening frequently, we will be on the verge of losing our jobs. So this can not be tolerated at all because it can run you along with your damaged car. So car-breakdown insurance is must for all of us to come for our rescue at any time, at any place. If you have bought your car recently then you should never be late in having car-breakdown insurance. I am going to jot down some significant information about what car-breakdown insurance all about.

List of actions you may consider while driving.

There are number of steps you can take to reduce your driving expenses while using you car. 
Here's a quick list of some actions you may want to consider while driving.

1.      Take the time to check your car's tire pressure each month. Under inflated tires reduce fuel efficiency by 2% for every pound they are under inflated. Under inflation also causes premature tire wear giving your tires a shorter use life.

2.       Drive at the speed limit. Cars use about 20% more fuel driving at 70 miles per hour than they do at 55 miles per hour.

3.       Avoid driving fast in low gears. Driving at high speeds in the improper gear can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 40%.

How to Handle Battery Problem

Use a charger.
  1. Connect the red cable to the positive terminal, black to negative. If you have got a "inexperienced eye" charge indicator on the battery, charge until it turns inexperienced. If not, disconnect the charger for [*fr1] an hour and check the voltage (engine stopped) - 12.6 Volts indicates a full charge, 12.three Volts [*fr1] charged. Use a multimeter set to a DC Voltage vary bigger than 12 Volts full scale.
  2. Touch the red probe to the positive side of the battery, black to the negative aspect. A typical 5 amp charger may take more than 8 hours to charge the battery. A lot of powerful chargers are for skilled users, as a result of they'll amplify the battery! A little one amp cigarette lighter charger might be left connected indefinitely.


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