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Improving Petrol/Gas Mileage - Three Simple Tips

If you're looking for ways of improving the petrol/gas mileage of your car for better fuel economy, here are three simple tips you can use straight away in order to cut down on the ever increasing cost of motoring. When you incorporate these tips you instantly reduce the amount of fuel being used while commuting to work and while using your car socially. Also remember the hidden benefits that are associated with the environment when you reduce your fuel consumption. So let's look to see how we can achieve this.

Tip #1 Tune in your engine.

Keep your engine in top condition. A properly serviced and tuned engine will give you the best results in obtaining the maximum amount of miles per gallon. It will run cleaner and be more efficient which in the long run results in much better fuel economy.

An off tune engine that's running out of balance will literally drink fuel, even more so if it is difficult to start. The amount of petrol/gas or diesel wasted trying to start a reluctant engine could carry you for miles on an open road so it makes good sense to eliminate this problem as soon as you can.

Tip #2 A bright spark.
You can purchase such things as aftermarket spark plugs and ignition plug leads for a petrol engine that when fitted will increase the quality of the spark which makes the whole ignition system more efficient.

There is a mini explosion taking place in a conventional combustion engine every time that the cylinder fires, so any increase in the quality of the spark will affect the efficiency to ignite the petrol/air mixture. This allows the engine to be more responsive to throttle openings so you need less throttle to move the vehicle along making the engine more economical which then returns more miles per gallon as a result.

Tip #3 Check your tyres.
Keep your tyres in good condition with the correct pressure and balancing and this will ensure that the road drag is kept to a minimum helping you to achieve more miles per gallon. Under inflated tyres mean more surface area on the road than they are designed for which results in excess drag that requires much more effort and energy to move the vehicle along.

By implementing these tips into your daily motoring, they will eventually pay for themselves over a period of time. The fuel is costing you money anyway so you might just as well invest in these now and enjoy the benefits of a smoother running engine and a more economical car.


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