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How to Handle Battery Problem

Use a charger.
  1. Connect the red cable to the positive terminal, black to negative. If you have got a "inexperienced eye" charge indicator on the battery, charge until it turns inexperienced. If not, disconnect the charger for [*fr1] an hour and check the voltage (engine stopped) - 12.6 Volts indicates a full charge, 12.three Volts [*fr1] charged. Use a multimeter set to a DC Voltage vary bigger than 12 Volts full scale.
  2. Touch the red probe to the positive side of the battery, black to the negative aspect. A typical 5 amp charger may take more than 8 hours to charge the battery. A lot of powerful chargers are for skilled users, as a result of they'll amplify the battery! A little one amp cigarette lighter charger might be left connected indefinitely.


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