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Driver Safety Tips

Since the inception of cell phones, people have been able to take their phones with them, instead of leaving them at home. Cell phones are important tools to have during an emergency, but they can also cause accidents while driving. Instead of using cell phones as a tool for emergencies, they are using them as a social tool while driving. More than 2,000 people die in Canada each year from talking on their phone while driving. Studies have shown that people who talk or text on their cell phones cannot pay attention to the road 100 percent. Talking and texting on a cell phone takes a person's reflex capabilities away. They are unable to react quickly enough to avoid an accident.

Useful Tips for Total Car Care

Taking good care of your ride is always a great idea. Not only will your car run better if you perform regular maintenance on it, it will also hold a good resale value if you keep it looking it's best. Keep reading to discover some great car care tips offered here.


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