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Useful Tips for Total Car Care

Taking good care of your ride is always a great idea. Not only will your car run better if you perform regular maintenance on it, it will also hold a good resale value if you keep it looking it's best. Keep reading to discover some great car care tips offered here.

Let's start with the outside of your car. Your car should be washed and waxed on a regular basis. But what should you use to wash your car? Some people think that any old soap will do to wash your car, but this is not true. If you are using dish soap to wash your car then you are removing all wax from your car. Dish soap is made to remove animal fat from dishes, so it will be really good at taking off that fresh coat of wax that you applied last week. Your best choice for total car care would be to choose a quality car wash. These washes are more of a detergent than a soap and will do less damage to your wax job.
Minimizing any scratches is always a great practice towards making your car looks great. Any dirt that comes in between the cleaning material and the car surface will cause the surface to be scratched and therefore dulling the paint on your car. So, when you are cleaning your car don't forget to take note of any chips or scratches in the paint. These should be repaired immediately to avoid rust. Minor dings and dents should be noted also. You can opt to repair these yourself or take your car to a body shop for the repair.

Remember to include tire care in your total car care procedure. Check the tire pressure and the tread for wear and tear. Having the correct pressures for your tires not only will prolong the useful lives of your tires, you will experience a smoother drive and better fuel efficiencies. Check all of your valve stem caps to make sure they are tight, as they are the final seal after the tire valve stem and could help to hold up the tire pressure should the tire valve stem fails. Apply a quality rubber protectant to your tires to prevent damage from UV rays. This will keep the rubber of your tires from drying and cracking.

Once you have finished with the exterior of your car, it's time to check the interior. Vacuum the interior thoroughly. If there are stains on the upholstery or the carpet, you can use a quality carpet and upholstery shampoo to clean the interior. Wash the windshield inside and out and clean all vinyl with a good vinyl cleaner and protectant as well.

To complete your total auto car care mission you should look under the hood. Checking under the hood on a periodic basis can help you to spot problems before they become costly and is therefore a wise thing to do. It is best to conduct the check when the car engine is cold, i.e. not after the car is being used and that the engine is hot. Check all fluid levels. Take a good look at your belts and hoses and check for cracks or worn out signs. Finally, make sure that all caps are screwed on tightly after the checks are done..

Following these car care tips will allow you to take the best possible care of your car. It will also save you money in the long run because a well maintained car will bring in more money for you should you decide to sell or trade in your car.

Do yourself and your car a favor and perform total auto car care on a regular basis - it will serve you well for a long, long way to come.

Enjoy safe driving.

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