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Importance of Oil Change in Vehicles

 Changing vehicle oil on a regular basis is an extremely important task which offers a number of benefits to vehicle owners.
Oil plays an extremely important role of providing lubrication in the engine. Apart from lubricating engine parts, the oil also performs other important roles like cleaning of engine, reducing pollutants, stopping the formation of sludge and cooling the vehicle. But, if it is not changed on a regular basis, it can result in engine failure and engine wear and tear thus causing huge loss in terms of vehicle performance.
Some of the major benefits offered by oil change include improved gas mileage, improved engine stability and life, increased performance etc. All the benefits have been discussed below in detail.

Improvement in gas mileage
This is one of the major benefits offered by routine oil change. If the engine oil is not changed from a long time, it becomes less viscous and starts losing its ability to lubricate and protect elements of engine. As a result, friction occurs between moving parts of the engine thus causing wear and tear. The more will be the friction, the more the engine needs to work in order to overcome that friction. On the other hand, new oil is extremely viscous, smooth and allows engine to move smoothly with smallest friction.

Improves engine stability and life
This is another important benefit offered by regular oil change to vehicle owners. It improves the life of the engine thus making it functional for years to come. Oil change on a regular basis keeps engine clean. Clean engine shows less signs of ageing and offers an excellent performance for a longer time period.

Increased performance
We all know that performance of a vehicle majorly depends on the condition of the engine. If it is good, performance increases.

Stops noise produced by vehicle
Regular changes of engine oil also prevent the parts of an engine from coming into contact with each other. This helps in reducing the noise made by the vehicle. Moreover, it also reduces the temperature of the engine.
Thus, it becomes clear that regular oil change offers a number of advantages to vehicle owners. Getting oil change performed by an auto service centre is a good decision. There are many auto service centers offering such services to vehicle owners. One needs to do a deep research in order to find a reliable service center which uses quality products and motor oil. Individuals can take help from internet in this regard.

About The Author
Apollo Mufflers is an auto service centre located in Vancouver, BC. Skilled technicians of the auto service centre provide repair services for almost all makes and models of vehicles.


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