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What Really Saves Gas?

Lower Speeds Saves Gas

Remember a thing called the speed limit? On most highways it is either 100 or 110kph. How fast are the cars and trucks around you going? From 120kph to 150kph. These people are wasting a lot of gas for the chance to get there a little earlier. Factor in safety concerns and a speeding ticket once or twice a year and going fast is a costly proposition.

Avoid Excessive Idling

If you turn off a light bulb as you leave the room you'll save electricity. If you turn off your car you will save gas. Obviously. But related questions are more difficult to answer. If you're only stopping for only a minute, is it better to shut off the engine or keep it idling? Should I shut off the engine in traffic? How much gas will this save? What rule of thumb do I use when trying to save gas this way?

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