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Car Maintenance Tips-Automobile Engine

Tip 1: Take care of Engine – The Heart of A Vehicle – Ask your auto mechanic to thoroughly check the engine every time you take your car for servicing.

Tip 2: Check Engine Coolant – Proper temperature of car's engine is important, hence you should check you engine coolant for right level. If the engine coolant is low, it results in overheating of auto engine.

Tip 3:- Check for Smooth Functioning of Timing Belt – If it doesn't then, just replace it to avoid an serious engine damage that can be heavy for your pocket.

Tip 4:- Calibration of the Engine Oil – Regular checking and calibration of engine oil ensures engine breakdown. Smooth performance of the automobile engine helps to increase the lifeline of your vehicle.

Tip 5:- Clean the Radiator – Radiator debris should be cleaned with a soft brush. Whereas detergent solution can be carefully used to clean the exterior of radiator.

Tip 6:- Never Spray Water On Hot Engine – This might lead to uninvited troubles and may damage your car's engine.

Tip 7:- Hydraulic Reservoir Should Also Be At An Optimum Level – Keep the hydraulic reservoir at optimum level with the fluid type.

Tip 8:- Air Cleaner Check – A regular check of air cleaner keeps your car in the best spirit.

Tip 9:- Avoid Idling – You will surely boost up the lifeline of your dear vehicle, if you do this. Avoid keeping your car idle for longer period as during this process, the oil is not distributed to different parts of the engine.


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